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7th Grade Girls Spring Roster

Practice:  Monday/Wednesday 5-7pm at Capital Fieldhouse
Coach Tony, Coach Tani, and Coach Gene

Team Black


Bella Dobrkovsky

Chloe Barber

Emmalee Cleveland

Isabela Carrasquillo

Kaila Gibson

Lily Griffin

Lucy Jones

Olani Curtis

Sophia Zuniga

Tamara Kosso

Taylor Cruickshank

Team White


Abigail Hernandez

Ally Castaneda

Ameyah Higheagle

Claire Sanderson

Gabriela Orozco

Gabriella Flores

Isabella Rowe

Khloe John

Madelyn Hernandez

Molly Allen

Tournament Schedule:


- April 15/16th PDX

- April 22/23 PDX

- May 20/21 PDX

- May 27/29 PDX


- April 15/16th Salem

- April 29/30 Salem

- May 6/7 Albany

- May 20/21 Salem

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