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Cancellation Request

The undersigned further expressly agrees that you understand the termination policy, which states when requesting to cancel your membership, The PAC requires submission of a completed cancellation form 30 days prior to the first of the month that you would like the membership terminated. All fees apply and will not be refunded if cancellation form is not received 30 days prior to the first of the month you wish to cancel. If terminating a membership prior to term end, fees will apply* and no proration of contract will occur. Exceptions to early termination clause include: loss of job, death, sudden illness, moving 50 miles or more from The PAC (documentation required).  

If a freeze is requested, please indicate end date of freeze.  Maximum freeze length is 3 months.  $49 reactivation charge will apply at contract restart for additional freeze (one free per year).  

Cancellation or Freeze Request

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