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  1. We're so excited!  We just signed up, what happens next?

  2. How do we schedule personal training, shooting stations, or classes?​

    • Using our mobile app or player's online portal, members can select from any personal trainings/class/group times.  ​Schedules will be updated monthly and all availability will be displayed hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.  If friends want to book together, they can do so through the app.  Our team is on standby to help with any scheduling and can also reserve on your behalf.

  3. When will the facility officially open?

    • We are currently installing our equipment and putting the final touches to make sure everything is in proper order.  We anticipate opening in early December 2020​​​.  The facility is located off of I-5 and Mission St.

  4. Do athletes need to wear masks?​

    • The PAC is committed to keeping our athletes, parents, and staff safe as we open our facility.  We will adhere to all local and state health guidelines as our state reopens.  The following are the current health and safety procedures we will be following:


5.  How long are membership commitments?

  • Memberships are on a rolling 3-month basis.  30-day notice of cancellation is required.  

6.  What is the youngest age that can join?  

  • We currently recommend your child be in 3rd grade or above.  We will be opening a K-2nd grade program group program in the near future.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to find out more.

7.  How far in advance can we book our shooting stations?

  • Based on memberships, bookings can be made seven, ten, and fourteen days in advance.  

8.  Is there a penalty for canceling a session or class?

  • All cancellations must be done at least 24 hours of your scheduled training time.  Cancellation or no shows within 24 hours will result in losing that workout credit or membership penalty.

9.  Is there an ability to upgrade or downgrade the plan and if so, is there a fee?

  • The processing fee to upgrade or downgrade a plan is $100.

10.  As a coach, can I bring in my whole team to practice?  

  • Yes, please contact us to discuss further details.  

11.  Can I add more training to my memberships at any time?

  • Yes, please contact our staff to make arrangements

12.  Can we just do private training memberships only?

  • Yes, please contact our staff to make arrangements.

13.  How do I get the mobile app to start booking my training and classes?

14. When can I see results in my child?

  • Immediately.  First, you should see that infectious smile from getting a good positive workout at our facility while also getting the right encouragement to build their confidence.  Training an athlete is a marathon but with our core methodology, we can see substantial results on and off the court in a few months.

15.  Do you support the local middle and high schools?

  • ​1000% Yes.  ​We want to help each high school grow their youth programs and support their athletes 

16.  Will The PAC and Youth Stars continue to be involved in local community service events?

  • 1,000,000% YES.  Our athletes enjoy serving our community and we will continue our best to lift up and find opportunities to serve.

17.  I have more than one kid sign up, how do I get the login for my additional kids.

  • Please email us an email address of your additional child and we will get them registered in the system.  

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