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5th Grade Boys Spring Roster

Practice:  Tuesday/Wednesday 5-7pm at Capital Fieldhouse
Coach Hemingway and Coach Psalm

Team Black


Aaric Cruz

Andrew Ramon

Carter Linebaugh

Emmitt Olson

Hudson Bigelow

Jack Pluister

Logan Truong

Nelson Ndungu

Vince Orozco

Team White


Alex Anderson

Cutter Ralston

Dameon Lake

Maxuel Angrade

Michael Workman

Oliver Velez

Richie Aguirre

Solomon Araiza

Team Black Tournaments:

- April 15/16 

- April 29/30 

- May 6/7

- May 20/21

Team White Tournaments:

- April 22/23 

- May 6/7 

- May 13 

- May 20/21 

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