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10th/11th Grade Boys Tournament Roster

Coach Mo, Coach Mike, Coach Connor, Coach Luke

Varsity 1


Brody Roth

Cole Ratzlaff

Esteban Chavez

Jake Higgins

JJ Huber

Josh Jinkins

Kai Bennett

Kaden Pruitt

Lawrence Mike

Philip Goodrich

Shane Ryder

Varsity 2

Andrew Pena

Benjamin Hemelstrand

Bradley Howard

Eelan Nevel

Jalan Petrone

Micah Menguita

Owen Stanaway

Ryan Lyda

Sam Garcia

Tyler Pooleon

Varsity 3

Ainjin Peter

Austin Mishra

Daniel Briones

Dustin Chapman

Isaiah Clark

Julian Briones

Kaden Melzer

Kolton Smith

Nick Hofmann

Wyatt Hutchinson

Tournament Dates:

Varsity 1:

April 22/23 Albany (OAB)

April 29/30 Salem

May 6/6 Salem

May 27/29 Reno

Varsity 2/3

April 15/16 Salem or PDX

April 29/30 Salem 

May 20/21 Salem

May 27-29 PDX or Reno (Please email us if you are interested and can commit to a Reno Memorial Day Trip)

*Seattle Live Apr 28th-30th is an option as well that will be discussed with the coaches on Monday

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