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Oregon Referee Academy

Our Commitment

The PAC is committed to developing an educational environment to train new basketball referees at all levels.

Are you an experienced referee or would you like to learn how become one? Here at The PAC, we're offering a new program for new or experienced referees to work in basketball games.

The PAC offers a safe and non-threatening environment for those interested in refereeing for the first time in an organized setting. Included with registration is training, referee clinics and videos to help referees develop their mechanics, judgement and game management skills. Compensation is based on experience and performance.

Please contact us at if you are interested.

The Details - Training and Certification

Step 1:  KYBA officiating - Youth Academy (High School and Under)

Step 2.  PAC Training Academy

Step 3:  Intramural Training in Fall and Spring

Step 4:  Tournament with coaching

Step 5:  Youth and HS Basketball Tournaments

Step 6:  Certification Testing

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