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Future Scots Youth Basketball and The PAC Salem sponsors competitive teams for both boys and girls in the 4th through 8th grade levels. The following rules will apply to all such teams, players, coaches and players’ parents.


  1. The Future Scots Youth Basketball will allow kids (Ages 4th Grade thru 8th Grade) to play for the  competitive teams in the winter season if they either reside anywhere within, or attend a public or private school located anywhere within, the McKay High School District's boundaries. This is consistent with the School District’s enrollment policy which allows kids who reside anywhere within the School District to attend any school within the School District.

  2. Players in the program may not petition to be allowed to try out for a higher grade-level team unless there are not enough players for their current age group for a competitive tournament team.   Such a player must display talent and physical capabilities which, in the opinion of the applicable coaching staff.




  1. Prior to prospective players attending the tryout sessions, the parent or guardian of each child must complete a medical release form.

  2. Tryouts will be run by The PAC, varsity high school coaches and coaching professionals, and any other participate we feels necessary to have a part of the tryout.  Board member roles of President, Vice President, Select Coordinators (boys & girls) Coaches Coordinator, and Player Advocate will be allowed in the gym to observe and assist in the tryout process if needed. If any of those roles have a child in the tryout, they will not be allowed to observe, unless otherwise approved by The PAC team.

  3. Tryouts will generally cover two nights for each age group and gender. The tryouts will consist of drills and various games geared toward giving the coaches a broad view of the players’ talents and capabilities.

  4. Following the final session for each age group and gender, the varsity coach and staff will select the players for the designated number of teams for that group. Teams will generally consist of 10 players. There will be a minimum of 8 for any team in the competitive program, and a maximum of 10 players. There may be additional members of the team in a “practice only” capacity or part of our development program.

  1. The try-out numbers of the players selected for each team will be posted on the website as soon as possible following the final try-out session. The status of one or more teams may be contingent on the outcome of certain events. In such cases, the posting of that teams’ players may be delayed.



  1. Persons desiring to coach a team must request online to be interviewed by The PAC Salem Staff.

  2. Interviews will be scheduled through (but not all) the Coaches Coordinator and Select Coordinators.

  3. The decisions shall be a subject to a vote

  4. Each coach will be required to agree to a background check and sign a Code of Ethics, which clearly defines the expectations of behavior on the bench and in the stands.

  5. Coaches and/or an assigned team manager will be responsible for ensuring coaches’ and parents’ behavior is exemplary and offers only positive interaction with the players and referees.

  6. Coaches will be selected after the teams have been formed.

  7. Coaches can be removed anytime for violating our rules, policies and code of conduct.



  1. The fee charged for each player will cover the following expenses:

  • Uniform (Shooting Shirt)

  • Gym Fees

  • Trainings

  • Coaches

  • Scholarships

  • 6 tournaments for teams who opt for a Tournament Schedule.

  • Insurance

  • Other Fees associated with the program



  1. All play will generally be consistent with the National Federation High School Rules and the rules of each tournament entered. Each coach is expected to have a basic understanding of such rules.

  2. Players must all participate in each game. Grades 4th-7th need to give each player a approximately 60/40 minute split of playing time in all league and tournament games. 8th grade is closer to approximately 70/30 ratio.  Each coach has the discretion to increase or decrease minutes played for situations including, but not limited to:

    1. The health of the player

    2. Attendance and participation in practice

    3. Tardiness to games or practice iv. Attitude and level of effort

  3. Playing time questions or issues should first be addressed with the coach before or after a practice through a scheduled appointment.  No parent should approach a coach before, during or after a game or practice. If further clarification or intervention is needed, playing time questions or issues should be directed to the Player Advocate Director.

  4. Player technical fouls should result in the player being removed from the rest of the game.



  1. Each coach and the parents of every player will be required to agree to and sign a Code of Ethics, which clearly defines the expectations of behavior on the bench and in the stands.

  2. Coaches and/or an assigned team manager will be responsible for ensuring coaches’ and parents’ behavior is exemplary and offers only positive interaction with the players and referees.

  3. Coaches are prohibited from voicing disrespectful remarks or using force (such as striking or shoving) to deal with the referees, opponents, or their own players. Additionally, coaches are prohibited from using threatening, demeaning, or abusive language with any referee or player. Any violation of this rule should be reported immediately to the association.



  1. The PAC Salem and Board of Directors is charged with assuring the team composition, practices and games are conducted equitably among the competitive teams of the Association. Further, the board and The PAC Salem is charged with assuring that coaches, players and parents are properly observing these rules. In such cases as it appears there is a problem, The PAC and board will initiate the following procedures:

  • A Situation Report will be completed, outlining the complaint in as much detail as possible. (2) The offending party will be contacted by the Players Advocate and given an opportunity to clarify the situation.

  • If a rule is misunderstood, it will be explained to the offending party. The Situation Report will then be completed, giving an indication that the specific problem has been resolved.

  • If a rule is objected to and the offending party refuses to follow the rules, then the situation will be discussed by the staff and appropriate action taken. This action may involve a warning, a suspension or, in extreme or repeated cases, removal of the individual from the Program. The Situation Report will then be completed, giving particulars.

  • Situation Reports are to be maintained by the Players Advocate for three years, and then destroyed. They will not be generally available, other than to the party named in the report and to the staff as needed when dealing with subsequent reports and when appointing coaches.



  1. Each player participating in the program will be required to sign a Commitment Agreement, stating that membership on his/her team will be his/her first-priority activity from the beginning of the winter season as defined by the Oregon School Activities Association through the season ending league tournament.

  2. Coaches will be authorized to establish team rules for attendance and behavior and to judiciously reduce playing time as a disciplinary tool to enforce such rules

  3. Coaches must adhere to the High School Program layout with offensive/Defensive systems.  Half court zone defenses are prohibited



  1. All practices are closed.  Only coaches and players may attend practices.

  2. All trainings are closed.  Only trainers, coaches and players may attend trainings.

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