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8th Grade Girls Spring Roster

Coach Sev and Coach Mandy

Team Black


Alyssa Leavitt

Brilee Pittis

Emilee Davidson

Isabella Names

Jissel Garza

Leah Ioane

Sophia Berger

Taylor Bailey

Zinea Andersen

Zuri Andersen

Team White


Chloe Mason

Grace Truong

Lilli Neria

Lilly Sizemore

Madelyn Olson

Molly Henderson

Olivia Montemayor

Olivia Muth

Ryliee Boyd

Thalia Betancourt

Black Tournament Dates:  

April 15th/16th:  Salem/PDX

April 29th/30th:  Salem

May 13th:  Salem

May 20th/21:  Salem/PDX

White Tournament Dates:  

April 15th/16th:  Salem

April 22nd/23rd Salem

April 29th/30th:  Salem

May 20th/21:  Salem/PDX

*Memorial Day Tournament May 27th-29th in Reno, Nv

** Las Vegas Live Big Foot July 20th-23rd in Las Vegas, NV 

(Hotel/Transportation is an additional cost for these tournaments and typically, parents will do their own arrangement.  If parents can't go, we will look to match the players up with a friend on the team)

We most likely will only take one group of girls from both teams based on who is interested and committed to going.  Please let us know right away if you are interested and able to do these two additional tournaments. 

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